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Welcome to the plattform "Be Happy! Love Leads..." your plattform for Self-Growth, Happiness, Heart Awareness and Light Healings by Lara Bernardi

Be Happy! Love Leads... is a plattform for Self-Growth, Happiness, Heart Awareness and Light Healings. We want you to be happier, feeling good and be you.

Choose the training to start which suits you most at the moment and take the time you need to ingegrate the meditation rituals from the videos. You're guided throught all the trainings with videos from me, Lara. Do the video training step by step. You can also stay one week with one ritual of one video and then carry on with the next one.

You can also join my silent Whatsapp group for free when you're member of the Be Happy! Love leads... Plattform where I share video regularly links of new meditations and from time to time daily when we have a special training going. I also share Insider Talks in the silent Insider Talk Whatsapp group.

You will have access to all the video trainings from me like:

Just Meditate

Just Meditate to align yourself, to feel yourself and to be in your power: Just Meditate

Heart Awareness

Train your heart awareness: Yoga for Life 2 - Heart Awareness

Light Healings

Heal yourself and be you: Yoga for Life 3 - Light Healing


Know yourself and your qualities: Yoga for Life 1 - Self-Coaching

Yoga Wisdom

Strengthen yourself and be in your Power with the Wisdom of Himalayas: Yoga Master


Wisdom for happy relationships: Sacred Couples - Pure Love Relationship Guide


The main message of this online training is "Be Happy".
Get your daily meditation inspirations to be happy from Lara: Be Happy! Love Leads...

Feng shui

New 5 Elements Feng shui for the New World flow in your life: Energetical 5 Elements Feng shui

Ancient Wisdom

The Wisdom of the universe for a better life and to be you. The New World power: Ancient Wisdom

Master Retreats

Be you. Live the highest Version of yourself and manifest the best in your life. Get your Master Tools: Master Retreat.

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